Mothers and Wives First World War Soldiers Memorial, Woolloomooloo Bay


A memorial dedicated to the 'place of farewell' for First World War soldiers; established by their mothers and wives. A sandstone structure with enclosed trachyte plaque together with a drinking fountain. A circular plaque depicts a sprig of rosemary and an eternal flame has been added to the top of the main face. The architects for the memorial were H. Budden and C. Greenwell.

The memorial was dedicated by the Governor General of Australia on Anzac Day 1922. This memorial was resited from a position 30m east of the Sydney Fleet Base in 1988.

The first photograph was taken by architect Mr Andrew Howell and used with his permission.

The memorial is located on wharf-side of the road, heading to the Naval Base, near the intersection with Wylde Street.


To commemorate the place of farewell to the soldiers who passed through the gates opposite for the Great War 1914 1919

Erected by the women of NSW under the auspices of the Centre for Soldiers Wives and Mothers

Cowper Wharf Road
Potts Point NSW 2011
Local Government Area
  • Sydney, City of
Memorial type
  • Fountain/Drinking fountain
Recorded by
Mr John K. Wright, State Library of New South Wales, with a recent photograph by Architect Mr Andrew Howell
Established date
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Dedication date
25 April 1922
  • First World War, 1914–18

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