Burringbar First World War Memorial Trees


Memorial trees planted in recognition and memory of the fallen from the First World War. There were 33 servicemen and sons from the Burringbar district who lost their lives in defense of King and Country. The trees were established along with the dedication of the Burringbar Memorial Reserve in 1919.


Panel in proximity

WW1 Memorial and Honour Roll

In this vicinity on the 20th September 1919 was held The Peace Celebrations and Unveiling of WW1 Memorial and Honour Roll.

The unveiling was done by Mr. W.L. Murphy J.P. President of the Burringbar Patriotic Committee.
On the Honour Roll was inscribed the names of 122 District Men who has answered the call of The Empire and had helped to gain Peace.

The unveiling was proceeded by a procession from the School of Arts, led by two Diggers carrying the Australian Flag and the Union Jack, followed by Major Campbell and 100 men in uniform. Then came the Band under H.T. O'Keefe, next included school children and members of other community groups.

Mr. E.G. Allard Vice President of the Patriotic Committee then delivered and inspiring address mentioning the Wartime Events.

Sir Thomas Ewing, a local Burringbar resident and former Federal Minister the addressed the gathering and said while we were rejoicing, there was sadness and grief as over 30 lads has paid The Supreme Sacrifice. He congratulated the people of Burringbar District who has raised 2000 pounds to erect such a noble tribute to the men who responded to the call.

This ground is consecrated to the Sacred Memory of those who left our district to protect our Country during World War I.

The plaque, which is located at the end of the Memorial Avenue of trees that were planted to remember the World War 1 Diggers, was unveiled by Mr. Alan Vincent President of the Burringbar R.S.L. Sub-Branch on the 20th September 2009.


Burringbar Memorial Reserve and Masterson Park
16/18 Station Street
Burringbar NSW 2483
Local Government Area
  • Tweed Shire
  • Garden/park
Memorial type
  • Memorial avenue/Memorial tree/Memorial trees
Recorded by
The Burringbar RSL Sub-Branch
Established date
1 September 1919
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Dedication date: 
Dedication date
20 September 1919
  • First World War, 1914–18

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