Yetman First World War Rolls of Honour

Yetman First World War Roll of Honour, possibly c1918Yetman First World War Honor Roll, possibly unveiled 1947

There are two timber honour rolls for the First World War inside the Yetman Memorial Hall. The first is a vertical board with a triangular pediment and carved columns on the left and right sides. The second is a horizontal board with carved linear details, giving it an Art Deco appearance.

Both rolls include the same names, but they are presented in different ways. The first roll lists the name as first initial followed by surname e.g. L Andrews, whereas the second roll has surname followed by initials e.g. Andrews L. On each board the same five veterans are marked as killed in action. Slight differences are also seen in the inscriptions. The first roll uses 'Honour' and the second uses 'Honor', and the years are marked as 1914-1919 and 1914-1918 respectively. The inscriptions and names on both are painted in gold. 

From an article in the Warialda Standard and Northern Districts' Advertiser on 9 September 1918, it is known one of the two was established c1918 and was located in the Yetman School. It is possible this is the first roll, due to the more traditional pediment design. It was likely relocated from the school to the hall as noted in the below excerpt from Yetman, Yesterday and Today, published by the Yetman Bicentennial Committee in 1988:

Prior to World War II Anzac Day Services were held at the school with Mrs McPherson unveiling the Honour Roll. She had donated the Honour Roll to the school and also to St Andrews C of E Church in memory of her son who was killed at Gallipoli in 1915 … Honour Roll [were] also placed in the Memorial Hall after it was completed in 1935.

It is possible the second roll was unveiled on 5 July 1947, alongside a roll for the Second World War. On 14 July, the Standard reported on a well-attended ceremony at the hall and refers to the "1914–1918" war, which matches the inscription on the board. 

Access to the memorials is restricted to the opening hours of the hall. 


Roll 1

Roll of Honour
1914 Patriots 1919
✝ Killed

Roll 2

Honor Roll
The Great War 1914–1918
* Killed in action

Veterans listed on this memorial

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Yetman Memorial Hall
Warialda Street
Yetman NSW 2410
Local Government Area
  • Inverell Shire
  • Building – inside
Location status
Possibly moved from the Yetman School to the Yetman Memorial Hall sometime after 1918
Memorial type
  • Board/roll/plaque/tablet
Recorded by
Graham Wilson
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  • First World War, 1914–18
  • Timber